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Different compensation structures
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Fairness and respect
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Multiple options for home time
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Newer and more secure equipment
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Company repair shops
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Free laundry & showers

When you are a driver with multiple job effers, it can be difficult to decide which company to sign up with your truck.
For this reason, we would like to share the benefits of joining the Logiflex fleet family:

If you want to join the fleet or need more information, please fill out the form below or contact us via any of the other channels listed in the button below.

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Owner Operator
At Logiflex we are one of the best companies, because here you have full control over your trucking business and management of the loads.

No more waiting for loads or dealing with brokers. Contact us for more information about becoming an owner-operator with Logiflex
Lease purchase
Are you concerned about the skyrocketing cost of fuel? 

Take advantage of our current Lease Purchase program with NO TRUCK PAYMENT for 3 months & no money down. We're here to work with you! 
How do you deal with rising fuel and insurance costs while freight rates remain low? Joining the Logiflex franchise allows you to save money on fuel, insurance, factoring, maintenance, and back-office costs.

You do not surrender any ownership or control, but you do benefit from significant savings.  Here are the advantages of implementing this business model for your trucking company: